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Artificial grass, which was once primarily confined to lawns and sports fields, has now transcended traditional uses and become a versatile material for creative and unconventional applications. Among these, one of the most striking trends is the use of artificial grass on walls. It’s something you wouldn’t have expected and yet this innovative approach to design brings a touch of greenery to spaces where natural vegetation might not thrive, offering both aesthetic and practical benefits. Alongside wall applications, artificial grass is finding its way into various unusual uses, enhancing urban landscapes, interior designs, and functional spaces.

The Rise of Vertical Greenery

Vertical gardens and green walls have long been a favoured design element in urban settings, offering a means to introduce nature into built environments. However, maintaining live plants on vertical surfaces can be challenging, requiring irrigation systems, regular pruning, and careful plant selection. Artificial grass provides a low-maintenance alternative that mimics the lush appearance of natural greenery without the associated upkeep. It’s a favourite among many landscape gardeners we know.

Artificial Grass on Interior Walls

Incorporating artificial grass on interior walls can transform a space, adding a unique texture and visual interest. This trend is particularly popular in commercial settings such as offices, restaurants, and retail stores, where it creates a refreshing and inviting atmosphere. In residential spaces, artificial grass walls can serve as striking accent features in living rooms, bedrooms, or even bathrooms. The vibrant green hue of artificial grass contrasts beautifully with other design elements, offering a dynamic and modern look.

Enhancing Outdoor Walls

For outdoor applications, artificial grass on walls can revitalize dull or unattractive facades, fences, and retaining walls. It provides an evergreen solution that withstands various weather conditions, ensuring a consistent appearance throughout the year. This is especially beneficial in urban environments where space for traditional gardens is limited. Artificial grass walls can also be used to create privacy screens, adding both aesthetic and functional value to outdoor areas.

Artificial Grass on Interior Walls

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  • Henley

    Our Henley range is a 35mm Artificial Grass. It has a beautiful and natural look and is a perfect option for anyone wanting a high quality but affordable option.

    SKU: HL1213456 Category:
  • Drayton

    Our Drayton range is 20mm. It has a very natural and brilliant look. It’s a perfect option for anyone wanting a high-quality option.

    SKU: DT123456 Category:
  • Milton

    Our Milton range is 35mm. It’s a very tough & durable product that has been designed to last. Our manufacturing team has spent 10 years perfecting every aspect of the products so that you end up with a very high-quality alternative to a grass lawn which is synthetic and has many benefits. Milton has a brilliant while natural-looking finish.

    SKU: MT123456 Category:
  • Appleton

    Our Appleton range is a 25mm option. It has been beautifully designed with a very natural finish. It’s a perfect option for anyone wanting a high-quality alternative to grass. This is artificial turf at its very best.

    SKU: AT123456 Category:
  • Hawkshead

    At 7mm, our Hawkshead range is our only option that is less than 10mm. It’s practical and well-designed with a very beautiful, natural-looking finish. It’s a superb option when you need an alternative to the high maintenance and hassle of a grass lawn.

    SKU: HS123456 Category:
  • Radley

    Our Radley range is 30mm & one of our most popular choices. A very practical alternative to lawn grass, it has a brilliant and natural-looking finish. It’s ideal for when you need an alternative to the hassle of a grass lawn.

    SKU: RL123456 Category:
  • Burford Recycled

    In the last few years, our Burford recycled product has become a star. Everyone, everywhere is thinking about how to make products that are kinder to the environment, use the planet resources in a more sensible way and are good for peace of mind.

    SKU: BF123456 Category:
  • Langford

    ShareThe Langford range, at 40mm is one of our thickest offerings. It’s tough. It’s been designed to last. It’s very durable. Another one of our popular choices, the Langford product comes highly recommended by our manufacturing team who has spent 10 years perfecting it for you.

    SKU: LF123456 Category:

Unconventional Uses of Artificial Grass

Beyond walls, artificial grass is being employed in a variety of creative and unconventional ways, demonstrating its versatility and appeal.

Rooftop Gardens

Urban rooftops often present a blank canvas for innovative landscaping. Artificial grass can transform these spaces into lush, green retreats without the structural concerns and maintenance demands of natural turf. Rooftop gardens with artificial grass offer residents a serene escape from the concrete jungle, providing spaces for relaxation, socializing, and even small-scale urban agriculture.

Furniture and Home Decor

Artificial grass is making its way into furniture design and home decor, adding a playful and unique touch. Upholstered with synthetic turf, items like chairs, benches, and ottomans become conversation pieces that bring an element of nature indoors. Additionally, artificial grass rugs and mats can introduce a touch of greenery to any room, creating a sense of continuity with outdoor spaces.

Event and Exhibition Design

In the realm of event planning and exhibition design, artificial grass is a favoured material for creating immersive and thematic environments. It can be used to construct temporary landscapes for trade shows, weddings, and corporate events, providing a natural look that is easy to install and remove. Artificial grass pathways, stages, and seating areas contribute to a cohesive and engaging experience for attendees.

Pet Areas

Pet owners are increasingly turning to artificial grass for creating dedicated pet areas both indoors and outdoors. Synthetic turf is durable, easy to clean, and resistant to digging and wear, making it an ideal surface for pet play zones and potty areas. Specialized infills and antimicrobial treatments ensure hygiene and odour control, enhancing the comfort and safety of these spaces for pets.

Sports and Recreational Areas

While traditional uses of artificial grass in sports fields are well-known, its application extends to smaller, recreational areas. Homeowners are installing synthetic turf for backyard putting greens, bocce ball courts, and children’s play areas. These installations provide all-weather play surfaces that are safe, durable, and low-maintenance, encouraging outdoor activity and enjoyment.

Benefits and Other Considerations to Factor In

The growing popularity of artificial grass in unconventional applications & uses is driven by several key benefits:

Low Maintenance: Artificial grass requires minimal upkeep, eliminating the need for watering, mowing, and fertilizing.
Durability: It withstands heavy foot traffic and adverse weather conditions, maintaining its appearance over time.
Aesthetic Appeal: Artificial grass offers a consistent, vibrant green look that enhances the visual appeal of any space.
Versatility: Its adaptability makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, from walls to furniture to pet areas.

However, there are also considerations to keep in mind. The initial cost of high-quality artificial grass can be higher than natural turf, and it lacks the environmental benefits of real plants, such as air purification and habitat provision. Additionally, synthetic materials may heat up in direct sunlight, requiring careful placement in sunny areas so this is something to remember when considering whether or not it is right for you.


The innovative use of artificial grass on walls and in other unconventional applications like the exhibition hall example above, reflects a growing trend towards versatile, low-maintenance, and visually appealing design solutions. Whether enhancing urban environments, transforming interiors, or creating functional recreational spaces, artificial grass offers a unique way to bring the beauty of greenery into areas where traditional landscaping might not be feasible. As technology and design trends continue to evolve, the creative potential of artificial grass is likely to expand, offering even more exciting possibilities for its use and we, at Artificial Grass Factory will be watching closely!

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