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Does your artificial grass lose its pep when winter arrives?

While it boasts perks like minimal shovelling, winter brings unique challenges. But fret not, artificial turf warriors! With proper care, your lawn can stay vibrant and welcoming even when frost sets in.

Here’s what winter throws at your artificial turf:

  • Frozen Fiesta: In extremely cold climates, your grass might freeze, becoming stiff and less flexible. This affects comfort and performance.
  • Snowmageddon: Artificial grass accumulates snow like its natural counterpart. However, its flat surface often makes snow removal easier.
  • Icy Patch: Winter, especially with freeze-thaw cycles, can bring icy patches, creating slippery conditions like natural grass.
  • Drainage Blues: Improper drainage can lead to puddles and water buildup from melting snow and ice, potentially causing mould growth or sub-base damage.
  • Fading Farewell: Lower-quality grass might experience colour fading or discoloration due to prolonged winter sun, cold, and moisture exposure.
  • Compaction Calamity: Heavy snow/ice combined with foot traffic can compact the infill material and flatten the fibres, impacting their appearance and performance.
  • Cleaning Conundrum: Winter debris like leaves, twigs, and dirt can accumulate, requiring regular cleaning to maintain aesthetics and prevent mould/mildew growth.

Keep your artificial grass green with these simple winter care tips:

  • Brush Regularly: Maintain fluffiness and remove debris that might hinder drainage or promote mould growth by brushing regularly.
  • Clear Snow Gently: Use a plastic shovel for snow removal, avoiding metal ones that can damage the fibres.
  • Address Drainage Issues: Ensure proper drainage to prevent water buildup and potential problems.
  • Prevent Compaction: Avoid walking or playing on the grass when heavily snow-covered or icy to prevent compaction.
  • Clean Up Debris: Regularly remove leaves, twigs, and other debris to maintain a clean and beautiful lawn.
With a little TLC, your artificial grass can be a winter wonderland – one you can enjoy without the shovelling stress!

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