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A Beautiful Garden 365 Days A Year Without The Hassle

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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for grass artificial or turf. You can order right here; from Artificial Grass Factory online store and we deliver all over the UK. We are artificial grass suppliers and regard ourselves as your local artificial grass company.

Welcome to the Artificial Grass Factory

Our luxury artificial grass is the highest quality but at incredibly reasonable prices. Whatever your reasons for needing artificial grass, we are here to help and supply. This is often for homes or workplaces. It can be for building or construction sites; we’ve got you covered.

You can Enjoy a Natural & Beautiful Green Lawn. Enjoy the Low Maintenance but High-Quality Finish. As Your local artificial grass company, we are ready to help improve your lawn. The artificial grass we provide is pet friendly and that really matters for families with a dog or cat. The artificial grass will not hold the smell or urine and it easy to clean.

We are happy to provide free samples, we cover the UK and Northern Ireland & we will provide for tracking along with your delivery so that you can track the order from your artificial grass supplier.

You can save on your water consumption and have peace of mind in the knowledge that you are improving your green credentials We have a range of best artificial grass products that vary in thickness.

Artificial Grass Products


Dorchester 28mm

From £5.49


Langford 38mm

From £6.49


Milton 33mm

From £5.49

Burford Recycled

Burford 18mm

From £3.99


Radley 28mm

From £4.99


Kingham 38mm

From £6.49


Hawkshead 7mm

From £2.99


Appleton 23mm

From £4.49


Drayton 18mm

From £3.99


Henley 33mm

From £5.99

Key Question – What will your artificial grass be used for?

The reason this question is critical is that you ned to factor in much more than just how it looks. How it will be used matters a lot when it comes to your decision making. Each of the types below needs a different type of artificial grass product, strength, thickness & pile height.

  • Primarily to look nice but won’t be used often? – not too much footfall.
  • Used for play and practical purposes / High usage? – 365 days year-round usage
  • Pet usage and play? – needs to be able to cope with urine and excrement.
  • Garden parties & social events – occasionally heavy footfall, expect food stains and drinks to be spilled.
  • Pile height – this one often comes down to personal likes & choices.

  • Fresh Cut Grass – for this look, we advise 25-30mm

  • Natural Lawn look – we advise 30-38mm

The UK has gone crazy for artificial grass in the last few years and with the benefits it offers, why not!

  • Low Maintenance
  • 365 Days year Round
  • Easy to Clean when required
  • Pet Friendly (both Dogs & Cats)
  • Easy to Install / Lay – you can do it yourself.

Why Choose us as Your Artificial Grass Supplier?

People choose us as their cheap grass artificial supplier for several reasons. Usually, it’s because the lawn is looking tired and not very pleasant to look at. Sometimes it’s because it’s too much hassle to keep trying to make the grass look perfect. One of the key reasons is the low maintenance factor. Our options provide for year-round beauty and a natural look. For some, the main consideration is the pet-friendliness. They just don’t enjoy the hassle of cleaning up after the dog/cat. Our options are easier to clean.

Whatever your reason, we’ve got you covered.

Suitable for Pets

Our artificial grass has been designed and manufactured in a way that is pet-friendly. We appreciate the importance of your family pet and are proud of our "pet-friendly" reputation.

Top Quality Surfaces

Durable & Long-Lasting

Superb Pet Experience
Suitable for Pets 1
Suitable for Pets 2
Suitable for Pets 3

Tough, durable and long-lasting, Artificial Grass Factory turf is a superb choice for you to enjoy, whether for home & residential use & also for commercial sports use.

We can accommodate playground uses, commercial & DIY applications as well as domestic residential purposes. Pet turf is a particular speciality.

Various shapes & colours
All weather conditions
100% Recyclable
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